Police Stations

Police Stations

Crime doesn’t pay. So, we build on tight budgets.

People on the outside hope they never see what goes into a modern police station. From advanced holding facilities to next-gen security features, things are a little different than they used to be. What hasn’t changed is a priority on enhanced officer safety, evidence handling, and privacy. 

Whether you need to design, build, or finance, we can help with anything from a new downtown sub-station to a renovated highway patrol post. Fortress Secured leverages our expertise in specialty construction to give law enforcement a more safe and comfortable home base.

Now, more than ever, the current climate calls for officers to be able to respond quickly while staying protected back at the station. Does your facility do both?

P3 & Design-Build-Finance Partner For Your Sub-Station 

Aging facilities, growing populations, and limited budgets are the perfect storm for a strained police force. But Fortress Secured and Public-Private Partnerships are here to help. Our Design-Build-Finance approach is budget-friendly and substance-rich, resulting in state-of-the-art stations at remarkably manageable costs.