Evidence Facilities

Evidence Facilities

You Make the Case. We Make the Building.

More often than not, eyewitnesses turn into “I’m not so sure anymore.” Because of that inherent unreliability, there is no substitute for hard evidence, and there is no substitute for a perfectly planned, expertly executed building to store it all. 

Police property and evidence handling buildings demand the versatility of storing anything from items used in criminal cases to found property, while still allowing for efficient response. Fortress Secured strives to build evidence rooms that are as secure as they are spacious, with strategically organized layouts that maximize capacity.

Now, more than ever, the current climate calls for officers to be able to respond quickly while staying protected back at the station. Does your facility do both?

The Evidence is Conclusive: P3 Financing is the Best Bet for Your Budget

There’s no arguing with facts. And the fact is that taking advantage of a Public-Private Partnership with complete, one-stop solution Design-Build-Financing from Fortress Secured is the best way to give your police force all the benefits of an optimized Evidence Facility.

A simple form of financing, means a simple path to building.