A Budget Conscious, Broadly Capable Ally for Government Entities

At all levels – ranging from counties to municipalities to school districts – government officials are faced with the challenge of making responsible fiscal decisions while expanding communities and narrowing budgets make it more challenging than ever to serve the public. Fortress Secured, and our industry professional partnerships, make fair cost projects possible for government entities of all shapes and sizes.

Government Entities Must Overcome

● Booming population
● Shrinking budgets
● Governmental red tape
● Public perception
● Various needs of all civic departments

It’s become all-too-common to consider red tape business-as-usual. But the value solutions of Fortress Secured let you operate beyond business-as-usual, thanks to the unified and streamlined capability of our all-under-one-roof offering. Fortress Secured facilities are made with the user in mind from quality materials, with all cost savings benefitting your bottom line.

Why Local Governments Rely on the Fortress Secured P3 Model

Smart cities are run by intelligent officials who understand the brains behind P3 development. Fortress Secured is here to provide the brawn. In fact, Fortress Secured has designed and developed facilities that cut design and engineering costs by 20% of an RFP.

Unlocking the true potential of Public-Private Partnerships (approved under Florida Statute 255.065 and in 11 other states), Fortress Secured helps public entities secure financing, develop designs, and start building at little cost to governments or taxpayers.

Benefits of the P3 Model to Local Governments

Many medium- to small-sized responsible public entities simply cannot afford the cost of some much-needed projects. But a lack of funding doesn’t reverse the need for new buildings and training or simplify the process of balancing competing projects. P3 however, provide some relief.

● Maintain property ownership of the asset throughout the entire process
● Avoid impact to bond capacities or credit ratings
● Minimize need to increase taxes or special assessments
● Ask for approval only from Council or Commission
● Fast-track critical community projects
● Reduce administrative work
● Increase start and completion times
● Get access to private sector expertise and pricing

Giving Local Governments the Keys To Their City

Fortress Secured–– The best and brightest team in budget-conscious Design-Build-Finance–– can help you leave your mark on your city by making the lives of your constituents better on a budget. Our trim value solution works as an alternative to the bloated bureaucracy, facilitating the Public-Private Partnership process from design and build to finance and beyond.

The challenge: Government decision makers are faced with an almost impossible task. Take too long, and you could be accused of delaying much-needed developments. Rush into something, and you risk making costly mistakes.

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