Simulation Training

Make Split-Second Decisions with Second-to-None Training

Officers who receive de-escalation, situational awareness and judgmental training are far less likely to find themselves involved in lawsuits, or their authority undermined, due to alleged wrongdoing. Fortress Secured Simulation and Judgmental training software offers hundreds of scenarios that law enforcement agents find themselves in every day, like domestic disputes, traffic stops or assaults.

There’s nothing quite like the real thing. But there’s also nothing quite this close, as our simulator’s immersive library of videos help train officers in stressful situations during real-life scenarios. This simulation software maximizes training while reducing costs with a savings to your training budget.

School Safety Simulation Training

A comprehensive, first-of-its-kind, school-safety training program featuring exclusively available interactive training content. A powerful tool to school administrators, school resource officers, and first-responders for school-safety training issues of all kinds.

Dryfire Inert Blue Gun: A replica frame and slide, dry fire weapon with functioning trigger. Perfect for new recruits and environments that a live weapon is not warranted. 

Recoil Kits Dvorak Handgun Recoil Kits: Powered by disposable CO2 cartridges or by a refill station, tether-less kits can be customized to any designation and up to 12 devices can be shot at the same time.

TASERS: All the functionality of a real TASER but fire the two lasers at the correct spread. Both lasers must be effective hits to score a hit and branch correctly.

O/C Spray: Exact replica of O/C spray. If the pulsing laser hits the subjects(s) on the screen in the appropriate area, they will react appropriately while the system branches and scores the event. 

Simulation Flashlights: Handheld and weapon mounted IR lights feature adjustable beam size and brightness, with an unlimited number of lights available on a screen at any time.