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P3s are used to deliver a wide range of public facilities, public building and public infrastructure projects. Common examples include municipal facilities (fire stations, police stations/training facilities, libraries, convention centers, and more), education, transportation, recreation, public utilities, wastewater treatment, redevelopment of neighborhoods and riverfront, public housing, energy savings programs, defense, telecommunications, and public healthcare projects.


While all three are basically project delivery methods, a P3 is often more sophisticated because it includes additional elements necessary for the long-term success of a project. Typically, a P3 may include a private financing component. In addition, a P3 may allocate on-going maintenance and operation responsibility to the private party.


No, it can choose to follow the state statute. The P3 law clearly authorized local governments to undertake P3s based on the statewide statute alone.

Section 287.05712(8)(f) Florida Statute: “The establishment of guidelines pursuant to this section or the adoption of such guidelines by a responsible public entity is not required for such entity to request or receive proposals for a qualifying project or to enter into a comprehensive agreement for a qualifying project. A responsible public entity may adopt guidelines so long as such guidelines are not inconsistent with this section.

Yes, the municipality can choose to move forward with negotiations (after required advertisement period has ended and all competing proposals have been reviewed) under an unsolicited proposal or alternatively, issue their own RFP under the P3 statute.


If a proposed project is over $2M in cost, the municipality is required to issue a RFP to select a third party engineer, architect, or landscape architect to review/approve drawings and oversee the construction process.

Section 255.065(3)(a)5 Florida Statute: “If the responsible public entity chooses to evaluate an unsolicited proposal involving architecture, engineering, or landscape architecture, it must ensure a professional review and evaluation of the design
and construction proposed by the initial or subsequent proposers to assure material quality standards, interior space utilization, budget estimates, design and construction schedules, and sustainable design and construction standards consistent with public projects. Such review shall be performed by an architect, a landscape architect, or an engineer licensed in this state qualified to perform the review, and such professional shall advise the responsible public entity through completion of the design and construction of the project.”


The cost of the third party reviewer can be financed (reimbursed) as part of the project cost.

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