Fire Rescue Facilities

Fire Rescue Facilities

New Fire Station? No sweat.

As populations boom, budgets shrink and facilities reach the end of their useful life. But in the face of all that, Fire Rescue personnel are still expected to answer the call. So, who’s responding for the first responders? Fortress Secured.

We build Fire Rescue facilities with all the comforts of home. We know how important every cubic centimeter of space is, and how every cent of every dollar should be utilized. Understanding the uniqueness of combining a home and workplace into one building helps us design and build the perfect station for your crew.  

Fire Station facility layout is generally oriented to:

  • Maximize internal response times
  • Diversify space functionality

The Best Way to Serve? Public-Private Partnerships.

Similar to your stations, Fortress Secured brings everything together under one roof. Our ultra-efficient Design-Build-Finance approach seamlessly integrates with P3 financing to give local fire rescue departments a streamlined, budget-friendly way to create new buildings or modernize old ones.

Fast delivery and effortless process. Put the power of the Fortress Secured P3 to work.