Campus Hardening

Campus Hardening

The Smart Choice for Safer Conditions

In terms of security, ‘soft’ targeting refers to under protected locations; ones more likely to fall victim to extreme crime. By contrast, schools and offices protected by integrated, redundant layers of security specially built and equipped by Fortress Secured earn every bit of the ‘hard’ designation.

When it comes to Campus Hardening, the Fortress Secured protective safety measures help create secure campus facilities that deliver on the Four Ds of physical security––Deter, detect, delay, deny. 

Fortress Secured Campus Hardening features include:

  • Hard Corners: Angles in classrooms invisible to the outside, giving students and teachers a safe place to hide.
  • Ballistic Doors: Fortified, high-security metal classroom doors are impenetrable while not distracting for students.
  • Exclusive SchoolSafe™ Glazing: Engineered to be forced entry resistant and withstand extensive physical abuse, Exclusive SchoolSafe saves lives.

Get Maximum Protection With the Maximum Efficiency of P3

We live in an unpredictable world, there is no reason to be unprepared. Especially considering how P3 financing makes it easier to secure money––and the end-to-end power of our Design-Build-Finance approach makes it easier to secure buildings.

Use the opportunity of the Fortress Secured Public-Private Partnerships to optimize safety.