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Understanding the Fortress Secured Product Capabilities

Safer Communities Simplified By Design-Build-Finance


Fortress Secured realizes the true power of Public-Private Partnership development, using a single source, end-to-end approach to fully establish the facilities essential to public safety and proper training. 

A specialized, efficient, and budget-conscious alternative to general contractors, local government agencies across Florida can leverage our expertise to complete mission critical buildings from fire stations to live-fire ranges.

Be ready for the real thing. These turnkey training facilities create an on-the-job environment for true-to-life live-fire and judgmental practice.

Our mobile simulators bring the comprehensive police officer training you need straight to your doorstep without the added infrastructure costs.

One-stop solution for Fire Rescue Departments of all sizes seeking to upgrade to a state-of-the-art fire station on budget and on schedule.



Transform your police department with highly functional, cost-effective facility development and training solutions.


No wasted square foot. No wasted time. Law enforcement’s most precious commodities demand a uniquely protective environment.



Strengthening schools with practical-yet-innovative security layers, like fortified glass and electronic locks, keeps children safe and helps meet state required assessments.


As schools become more specialized in their form and function, we provide a pivotal resource for the construction of contemporary classrooms.