On Call Every Shift for Law Enforcement

In an increasingly volatile environment, proper training and fully equipped facilities have never been more paramount. Fortress Secured is your all-in-one solution to give you peace-of-mind when building your new sub-station structures. Uniquely capable of managing projects from the planning and execution of new construction to supplying advanced mobile and stationary training ranges, we are a force for law enforcement.

Law Enforcement Officials Face:

● Challenge of justifying training costs
● Increased media scrutiny
● Potential regulation
● Growing liability
● New equipment needs

From first watch to the late show, police answer the call around the clock. No excuses, no exceptions. Accessible floor plans accommodate quick rollouts, and expert training helps officers avoid making mistakes and headlines. Because now response training is just as important as response time––Fortress Secured facilitates, develops, and delivers for you.

How Law Enforcement Leverages P3

Approved under Florida Statute 255.065 and in 11 other states, Public–Private Partnership, powered by Fortress Secured, helps state, local, and federal law enforcement entities cut through the red tape to acquire improvements at little cost to governments or taxpayers.

We are the single source that can combine the design, functionality, funding, timeframe, and approval in a single, P3 enabled package.

Breaking Down the P3 Model Benefits

From day one of planning to the day your doors open, we are your direct partner for every step of the entire project. Our unique Design-Build-Finance offering makes it easier to keep projects within scope, budgets in the green, and timelines on pace.

● Maintain property ownership of the asset throughout the entire process
● Avoid impact to bond capacities or credit ratings
● Minimize need to increase taxes or special assessments
● Ask for approval only from Council or Commission
● Fast-track critical community projects
● Reduce administrative work
● Increase start and completion times
● Get access to private sector expertise and pricing

Understanding the Dynamic Demands of Law Enforcement

Police operate in ever-ready environments, where the perfect harmony of deployment and detention saves time, money, and lives. There’s too much riding on that to proceed without backup. That’s why Fortress Secured is the best partner a police department could ask for. Not only are our team experts in the construction needs of your facilities, we also have insider knowledge from former public officials who serve on our team today.

Standard Police Facility Requirements:

● Holding cells
● Secure evidence storage
● Public access and waiting rooms
● Open office space
● Fitness area
● Protected parking surfaces
● Surveilled entrances and exits

The challenge: Growing communities demand more from their police force than ever before. Add in the strain of media pressure, political climate, and an unprecedented shift in public perception, and police are left with little room for error. Luckily, we’re used to expanding operations in tight spaces and on tight budgets, so we’ve got your back.

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