Educational Facilities

Educational Facilities

Secure Solutions for Intuitive Institutions

Fortress Secured leverages the educational expertise of our entire School Safety Division, comprised of a full-service K-12 Safety Team, to matriculate innovation that protects the future. Through consulting, training, and providing safety products, we find answers to the greatest question of them all: How do we keep our children safe at school?

Our comprehensive end-to-end capability enables us to help from site selection to the first day of class, and beyond. No stone left unturned; no child left behind. Because in addition to strategy, building, and support, Fortress Secured is in the unique position to offer procedural review resources thanks to an extensive background in response training. There’s more to teaching than a textbook. There’s more to schools than a classroom. There’s no one more suited to make it all happen than Fortress Secured.

Fortress Secured Campus Hardening features include:

  • Site/Development Plan Consultation – Work with the School Development team reviewing safety protocol that should be implemented during the building process
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) – As schools age they should have a CPTED done every three years and this report should become part of the School’s strategic plan
  • Florida School Campus Safety Survey – Mandated by the Florida Department of Education (DOE), this survey is required every three years and should become part of the school’s strategic plan and reviewed every year
  • Conference Presentations (Active Shooter, Stay Safe, See Something Say Something) – Administrators and Teachers have different responsibilities during a crisis event and need to be trained to their responsibilities
  • Internal Investigations/Reviews – When there are allegations of misconduct or a violation of policy that necessitates a third-party review/investigation for transparency
  • Crisis Incident Support – When an incident happens, we respond in the way we are trained.  Our team will respond and give support where needed

Additional services for educational facilities include:

  • Review and planning assistance with School Emergency Response Manual 
  • School Resource Officer reviews
  • Policy and Procedure review
  • Strategic Planning, Support and Leadership for implementation of security measures
  • Participation in School/Region Safety Committee
  • Continued training through ‘Live-Drills’ and Tabletop Exercises
  • Business Continuity Planning assistance

Simply Differently, P3

The perfect equation for smarter, safer schools is simple to solve: Public-Private Partnerships + Design-Build-Finance from Fortress Secured = a well-financed, seamlessly produced education facility.

Our philosophy can help alleviate safety concerns and elevate education.